Dream Journal 2

What I remember:

1) I'm observing this world that is organized like Purgatory. Each tier is like a school or job level. Everyone specializes in something, but they have no say in the matter. Their roles are assigned at birth. On the most surface level, I see kids in school. The deeper I go down through the levels, the older people get. I see that there are more people in the white collar worker section and less in the chef section. There's an aging ramen chef who's bored. He's the only one in the ramen section. Then a young girl enters to be his apprentice and he's ecstatic. I go deeper. The white collar worker section is getting more and more packed. There's so much competition. Then I get to a very low tier and all the white collar workers are about 60/70 years old. They're going nuts, boozing and doing drugs. Some are half naked and dancing. It's because they know that there's no escape. They keep on going through these levels, but there's no end to it all. They think, "What's the point of caring?"

2) There are hidden magic schools that have strange entrance rituals. One involves dragging the kids over railway tracks. They don't get hurt, but it's uncomfortable to watch.

3) My boyfriend's sister and brother-in-law are getting married on a boat. There are mermaids wearing pink and blue armor. The sister and her husband slip on mermaid suits after the ceremony and swim away. There are orcas that carry people on their backs and bring them to shore. I point them out to my boyfriend, but he shakes his head and tells me that orcas are shady Jersey Shore type characters. Then the orcas start talking like Tony Soprano.